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The CShop e-commerce framework is designed, developed and supported by IOCEA. The platform processes over 980,000 transactions a year, worth around £48 million to the businesses delivering their online operations through CShop.

CShop continues to grow rapidly year-on-year and when the team at IOCEA were looking at the renewal of their hosting infrastructure, they searched the market for a secure, scalable and cost-effective solution to support their expansion.

In the video below, CShop technical support expert, Michael Billson, talks about the reasons they selected the Virtual Private Cloud to support CShop, how they found the migration away from their existing provider and why the platform is such a great fit for their application and their business.

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Michael Billson, Technical Support, CShop

CShop has been running now for just over 16 years. It started off by specialising, really, in e-commerce, but since then has grown into other areas such as building applications, digital marketing, SEO, and we’re always developing (daily) the CShop framework.

The benefits of using CShop for people who are looking to trade online is really that you can start from anywhere. Bricks and mortar, you’ve obviously got to pay for that store, you’ve got to pay for the overheads and you can only open at a certain time. E-commerce is 24/7, 365 days a year. We’ve taken support calls on Christmas Day before. You’ve always got to be up, you’ve always got to be there.

So, we spoke to a load of different hosting providers as you do when you’re looking around, but Secura not only gave us a cost-effective platform, they gave us that personal touch of always being in contact – somebody direct to contact that were always pushing us to see what they could do to help us. With the decision to move to Secura, they were by far the best choice.

From start to finish, their support was brilliant. I’ve emailed people at Secura at 9:00 at night and I’ve had a response by half past 9:00; they were always there. We were with our previous hosting company for many years but we didn’t have as much control over our servers as we do now with Secura. But obviously, we were very concerned because if something did go wrong, it would have taken our servers offline. An hour down for our site could be thousands of pounds for them.

One advantage that Secura gave us was a demo environment which enabled us to set up a server to put a website on it, to load test it, to make sure that it really was going to be as secure, as reliable as they said it was.

One thing that we liked about it was we were in control over every aspect of the resource. We’ve got customers who are seasonal, so at Christmas with the VPC platform, we can give extra RAM or give extra CPU to the servers to make sure it can handle the load over those times and then take it away again and then we’re only paying for what we need when we need it.

Having access to everything means that we can do what we want, we can lockdown who we want, we can block who we want, we can allow who we want. We’re as secure as we need to be.

I was very satisfied with the migration. It couldn’t have really been handled any better. They would phone us as we were going through the migration to make sure that it was all going as we expected and if there were any questions, they would answer them there and then. Secura were always there, they were always supportive. Whatever questions I had, they answered. There is nothing really that Secura could have done to make it any easier.

In moving to Secura, the key differences really are the cost-effectiveness of the platform, the security of the platform, the control we have of the platform, but most importantly to us, the support of the platform. The whole support team have clearly shown they’re knowledgeable in any area and it’s been a pleasure working with them.

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The CShop e-commerce framework by IOCEA is designed to make selling online simple and secure.

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CShop’s secure, scalable infrastructure is delivered from the Secura Virtual Private Cloud.

In moving to Secura the key differences really are the cost-effectiveness of the platform, the security of the platform, the control we have of the platform, but most importantly to us, the support of the platform.

Michael Billson
Technical Support, CShop

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The Secura VPC allowed IOCEA to make significant savings on the infrastructure for the CShop framework and improve platform performance and support.

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Smooth Migration

A smooth migration of revenue generating websites is critical and Secura worked with IOCEA to deliver a well-planned and executed move without disruption to CShop customers.

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The team at Secura deliver friendly, helpful and expert support round-the-clock to help IOCEA offer the very best possible service to their customers.