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Supporting a Global Leader in Cleaning

Numatic International Ltd are perhaps most widely recognised in the UK for their iconic Henry vacuum cleaner but they produce a huge range of cleaning products and equipment. They are a global presence, with offices in the UK, Holland, Germany, France, South Africa and Switzerland.

Secura have been working with Numatic since 2006, supporting their website and email with reliable, secure hosting, with a service and support wrap designed to make their web infrastructure as light-touch as possible.

Garage to Global

Founded in 1969, Numatic has grown continuously over the last four decades from an initial team of 6 engineers working in a workshop space no bigger than a garage, to a business that now employs over 700 people across 6 countries.

Today’s Numatic factory and warehouse in Chard, Somerset, occupies 10 hectares and produces over 4000 products each day. A network of over 40 PCs and a sophisticated Oracle based ERP system control the important day-to-day processes, state-of-the-art CAD-CAM systems and Rapid-Prototype modelling facilities in the factory.

The Henry Phenomenon

Cleaning equipment is not usually a product category that creates a global community of devoted followers and collectors but Henry Hoover (and pals) have done just that.

Henry, Hetty, Harry and James with their cheerful grins and bright colours have transcended cleaning equipment to appear as dozens of different products from soft toys to toddlers’ ride-on vehicles and everything in between.

Henry et al may have become the recognisable faces of Numatic in the UK but the business is very much more, with an extensive catalogue of market-leading cleaning products and equipment for industrial and commercial use worldwide.

The Challenge

As a successful company expanding globally, Numatic needed a reliable, available web presence with offsite backup capabilities and secure infrastructure to manage email.

As Numatic has significant internal IT infrastructure to support and develop, keeping web hosting as uncomplicated as possible was desirable.

The website is a key information hub for distributors from all over the world who are looking for information on the Numatic product range. The website contains the full product catalogue, with detailed descriptions and technical specifications, with downloadable overviews available in multiple languages.

As the website is a vital resource for Numatic’s customers, it is crucial that it remains smooth and responsive when users are viewing information and downloading files, with high levels of availability at all times.

“With over 700 staff to support along with large and complex internal systems, we needed a web hosting solution and provider that could deliver our web presence with the minimum impact on our manpower overhead.”

Ryan Trump, E-Business Developer, Numatic International Ltd

The Solution

To ensure that the Numatic website had sufficient resource to offer a first class visitor experience with no slowdown during peak traffic periods, we provisioned dedicated switching, firewalls and storage in conjunction with powerful Dell server infrastructure.

This gives their web application the focused, dedicated resources it needs to provide a consistent experience to visitors with secure, daily backups to offer data protection in the event of any issues. To further safeguard the application data, additional offsite storage maintains copies outside the primary data centre site.

To support Numatic’s email requirements, highly secure Cisco hardware was provisioned and hosted within the same Tier 3 data centre infrastructure as the website platform.

Simple Scalability. Cloud Ready

The architecture of the platform will allow Numatic to easily expand and add additional resource as they grow, bolting on more compute and storage simply and cost-effectively to suit their requirements. The workloads will also be easily portable into Secura cloud infrastructure if and when that becomes a business priority.

Streamlining the Admin

To remove some of the administrative headaches involved in maintaining a website, the Secura helpdesk team provide domain and certificate management as part of our overall support service to Numatic.

This ensures domain names and certificates are renewed in a timely manner, removing this necessary but easily overlooked task from the busy internal IT team.

The Results

Numatic and Secura have now worked together for 8 years, which is testament to the strength of the relationship we have built and the effectiveness of the solution that supports their requirements.

The infrastructure that underpins the website and email is robust and reliable, freeing the Numatic team from day-to-day problem solving and maintenance, allowing them to focus their energies on the development and support of their extensive internal systems, services and users.

“I think the length of time we have worked with Secura underlines the success of the solution and the service we receive from them. The platform and level of support make our web hosting requirementsstress-free and straightforward to manage.”

Ryan Trump, E-Business Developer, Numatic International Ltd


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