Perfectly Simple Garage Management Software

Secure, Scalable VMware Private Cloud

Motasoft supports garages and testing stations with the management software, Virtual Garage Manager and a range of complimentary online marketing services.

Automotive Pedigree

A family-run business with more than 25 years’ experience in the motor trade, Motasoft has the first-hand, shop floor experience of the industry that has allowed them to develop and tailor their software and online solutions perfectly to the needs of other garage owners and businesses.

The very first version of Virtual Garage Manager was created to support the booking requirements of the family’s own garage business and following its success, Motasoft developed and expanded VGMs functionality to create a solution that allows garages and testing stations throughout the UK to run more efficiently and profitably.

Virtual Garage Manager

VGM helps control and organise every aspect of a garages operation as well as significantly enhancing their capabilities. VGM enables secure online bookings for customers, controls workloads via the Planner and Work Shop Diary and gives users the ability to quickly produce job sheets and invoices.

Each aspect of VGM is fully searchable, with rich, customisable reports available to produce meaningful information and feedback on every aspect of the business.

“As the number of VGM users continues to grow we needed to move our server infrastructure up a gear and find a solution that would accommodate further growth.”

Matthieu Nelmes, Developer & Support Manager, Motasoft Ltd.

The Challenge

Motasoft’s Virtual Garage Manager is delivered via the cloud to subscribers throughout the UK. It is vital therefore, that the infrastructure used for delivery is available, secure and scalable.

For any software or application delivered as a service (SaaS), availability is paramount, with customers quickly becoming frustrated if they cannot access their accounts due to technical problems and server outages. Motasoft are committed to providing the very highest levels of uptime for their user base and they needed infrastructure that would help them deliver these uncompromising service levels.

Security of customer business data stored in VGM accounts is also a key consideration. Motasoft customers must be confident that the data they commit to the system is secure and protected by regular, complete back-ups.

Finally, Motasoft needed the ability to seamlessly on-board new users, a process crucial to continued growth. The underlying hosting infrastructure must be able to support increasing scale in a cost-effective and straightforward manner, with no long periods of maintenance and downtime to extend capacity when it is required.

The Solution

The Secura solution has been designed to offer Motasoft the availability, security and scalability they need to deliver the best possible service to their VGM customers.

The private cloud is built using best-of-breed infrastructure from Dell and virtualised using industry leading VMware software, with the whole solution underpinned by Secura’s private 10Gbps network and hosted within Tier 3 data centre infrastructure.

VMware High Availability

One of the key ways the Motasoft private cloud addresses the critical issue of uptime, is by leveraging the capabilities of VMware to manage and deliver high availability.

The physical Dell servers within the platform are configured in a VMware cluster, adding failover capabilities if one of the servers develops an issue. If a problem does occur, all the virtual machines on the effected server are automatically migrated to another server within the cluster, maintaining the availability of the Motasoft platform.


The platform is designed and implemented in-line with security best practice reference architecture and has a complete physical separation from other platforms, with its own dedicated firewalls, switching, compute and storage. The platform is located within Tier 3 data centre infrastructure, with the highest levels of physical security.

The entire Motasoft platform and all customer data, is then protected by regular backups.

Business as Usual Scalability

The Motasoft cloud, like all Secura solutions, was sized carefully in consultation with the customer to ensure a best-fit for their business needs. All Secura private cloud solutions are designed to scale, simply and cost-effectively as a business grows and requirements change.

Modular construction makes it straightforward to add additional resources at any layer of the platform with the minimum disruption to customer services.

The Result

The new Motasoft private cloud gives the business the flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure they need to support their continued growth and expansion, while supporting their service level delivery and security commitments.

“The private cloud from Secura has given us a reliable and scalable platform from which we can continue to expand our VGM user base whilst maintaining a robust and secure business application.”

Matthieu Nelmes, Developer & Support Manager, Motasoft Ltd.


Years’ experience in the motor trade


Users of Virtual Garage Manager software and climbing


Worth of online transactions through VGM in 2013


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