Increasing Support, Security and Flexibility for Interim Partners

Interim Partners

Interim Partners provide highly experienced, talented and skilled interim executives to give their clients the right skills and leadership to respond quickly and effectively to changes in their market.

Working alongside their sister company, BrightPool – who supply quality financial services professionals and middle/senior managers – Interim Partners integrate the very best management candidates at every level of an organisation to help it deal successfully with its business challenges.

With a growing team, offices in London and Harrogate, and an ever increasing portfolio of clients; it was necessary for Interim Partners to be supported by a robust and flexible solution for their internal IT support infrastructure.

Helping Businesses Manage Constant Change

Founded in 2003, Interim Partners has been expanding year-on-year (making the Sunday Times Fast Track list in two consecutive years), as many businesses recognise the vital role the right management plays in helping them respond quickly and effectively to the increasingly dynamic nature of modern markets.

Interim management can rapidly introduce the specialist skillsets and experience a business will need to capitalise on emerging opportunities and manage shifts in the commercial landscape.

Over the years, Interim Partners has developed an excellent track record working with a wide range of major UK organisations, financial institutions, the NHS and Government bodies, placing key executives in a range of vital change and transformation programmes.

The Challenge

The continued success of Interim Partners required a flexible, leading-edge IT infrastructure including day to day support and data backup arrangements to fully support their rapidly growing business and customer base.

As part of this refresh, data backup and disaster recovery also needed to be reviewed. Interim Partners needed robust and secure ISO compliant infrastructure for data storage and retrieval, with streamlined management and monitoring processes to increase operational efficiency.

Secura identified improvements which could also be made to the software licensing models currently in place, reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

The Solution

Secura proposed a number of different measures to address the various pain points in Interim Partners’ current IT arrangements in order to future-proof its IT infrastructure and facilitate its continued growth.

IT Outsourcing – Boosting Support and Responsiveness

To effectively support their growing internal user base, Secura provided an outsourced service desk function, with regular service reviews in place to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the business as it evolves.

Secura’s team of support professionals are available to respond to requests and issues like an internal IT support resource. Calls or email support are backed by regular onsite visits to the Interim Partners’ offices to respond to issues in person and help build the relationship between the Secura service desk team and Interim Partners’ users.

In addition, a full review of the current virtual desktop infrastructure was conducted with the launch of the service desk, to optimise and simplify the current configuration and where possible, to maximise its performance.

Backup as a Service – Increasing Business Protection

The Secura cloud-based backup as a service now provides Interim Partners with enterprise-level speed, reliability and security for daily backups.

Full backups are stored both onsite and in the Secura virtual private cloud. This data is then available to Interim Partners for restore within three hours following the backup window.

The whole process is fully managed and monitored 24×7 by Secura, alleviating internal pressure and removing any potential issues resulting from the involvement of more manual processes.

Software Licensing That Flexes with Requirements

Secura SPLA licensing for Windows and server products introduced software on a usage based model that aligns fees naturally with the requirements of the business, with changes in the workforce mirrored in the regular monthly OPEX charges.

The Results

The increased effectiveness and coverage of IT support and the streamlined virtual desktop infrastructure has created significant performance and efficiency boosts for the Interim Partners’ user base, without the need for investment in in-house personnel. It has also removed the pressure on other operational departments within the business, who had been continually exposed to unresolved support issues.

The service desk is fully accredited and managed in-line with ISO 20000 best practice guidance to provide Interim Partners with a fully accountable support function that is continually evaluated to respond to their requirements.

The cloud-based backup as a service solution has delivered increased reliability and efficiency of data backup. Complete, daily copies of their vital business data are now created automatically and stored securely offsite in a fully ISO 27001 accredited Tier 3 + data centre facility.

Software costs have been reconfigured around actual usage and are now more closely aligned to the current businesses requirements and will scale without the need for lump sum CAPEX payments. This removes a large barrier to regular, performance and security enhancing updates that will contribute to the stability of Interim Partners’ IT infrastructure and the effectiveness of their workforce.

“Secura provides us with the same level of IT support as an internal IT department would – we get personal, dependable and effective service every time.”

Nindia Riphat, Operations Manager, Interim Partners


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