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About Ingelby

Ingelby were founded in 2011 and their versatile team boasts a wide range of skills and experience, blending both the technical expertise of a software house and the creative originality of an agency.

Ingelby offer a comprehensive suite of digital services and develop mobile and web-based solutions and strategies that are business-driven and technology enabled. These services are developed within an overarching, cost-effective strategy that will continue to benefit their customers in the long-term.

From websites and mobile apps, to data-driven applications and in-house process dilemmas, Ingelby represent a team of digital experts that can tackle any digital challenge thrown their way. Their solutions can help smooth out digital processes, lower operational costs and improve communications.

Ingelby’s client list presents an extensive list of instantly recognisable household names, from BMW and Mini, British Gas and Sky, to Telefonica and TalkTalk.

In the case study below, Ingelby’s Co-Founder and Digital Director Eng Wei Chua, explain what they were looking for in a cloud partner, and why they chose Secura to deliver cloud hosting for the business.

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Eng: My name is Eng Wei Chua. I’m the digital director at Ingelby. It essentially means I’m in-charge of anything technical, including the development teams and liaising with our customers from a technical perspective.

So, we started Ingelby about 10 years ago. We’re a digital agency, which essentially means we build websites and mobile apps for our customers. Most of our projects are B2B and we really look at a business problem, and try and find a digital solution. Customers often come to us with an idea they’ve got, and we’ll work with them to kind of nurture the idea. We’ll look at the user interface for it from a visual point of view, and we’ll work on the technical architecture, the whole framework that underpins whatever the solution might be. A large majority of our projects are…has some kind of website, web application and a mobile app attached to it, and usually, lots of integrations with other systems as well. Everything that we do is cloud-based out here, whether it’s a cloud-hosting provider or a cloud service. It gives the ability to scale as well, and customers like that.

As our projects had grown, the costs had started to escalate and we started looking around alternatives. It often seems to me that our customers, the most important thing to them is speed — speed of their website or their application, especially during busy periods. So, that was a really key part of looking for a new hosting provider that could give us the resources that we need to keep our applications running fast.

Cost was an important factor for us as well where we can, you know, fix costs or at least can keep control of the costs rather than allowing them to escalate out of control. That really helps us, especially if we have to downstream those costs to our customers and then we have to answer to them, explain to them why their costs have gone up.

Reliability, I think, is the most important factor, but also to be contactable in an emergency in case you really need help. And a lot of hosting providers have many, many customers. So, you don’t wanna feel that that’s the case. You want to feel that you’re well looked after.

We’ve also seen an improvement in speed. Now that we’re on Secura, we’ve seen a 14% increase in the response times. If I could sum up Secura’s services in a couple of words, it’d be reliable, fast, good working relationship, and cost effective.

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The Virtual Private Cloud is billed on resource-usage, providing Ingelby with a cost-effective hosting solution.


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Dynamic Digital Architects

Leaning on their knowledge of the latest technology trends and platforms, Ingelby’s services provide customers with solutions that are dynamic and tailored to their business requirements. Their developers have experience in creating user-friendly back-office systems and can integrate CMS and CRM into any website.

The mobile solutions Ingelby provide are bespoke and they’ve worked for a number of high-profile international brands. Whether it’s for an interactive mobile app or a mobile-compatible website, their in-house experts can handle all aspects of the project; from planning, design and development, and can integrate a variety of features such as GPS services and image recognition.

All of Ingelby’s solutions are designed to be fully integrated with existing systems where necessary, and compatible across a diverse range of platforms. Whatever stage of the digital journey their customers are on, from opportunistic, to strategic or mobile first, they can help deliver the right experience.

The Secura Solution

The number one priority for Eng when selecting a hosting provider was reliability. Ingelby required a hosting solution that was both highly available from a technical standpoint and backed up by round-the-clock customer support. Through Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud, Ingelby have the peace of mind their solutions are delivered in line with a 99.99% Service Level Agreement, with high availability included as standard, and our UK-based service desk is available 24x7x365.

Another important consideration was cost. Ingelby’s costs had gradually creeped up and had started to become unfeasible. With Secura’s VPC, pricing is resource-based, making it a straightforward to align monthly spend with revenue and requirements, and Ingelby now benefit from only paying for what they actually need.

From Ingelby’s customers’ perspective, their most pressing concern is speed, and the knock-on performance that this has on their websites and applications – especially during busy periods. Secura were able to provide the specifications and resource that Ingelby required to keep their solutions fast, and since migrating to Secura, they’ve experienced a 14% increase in application response times.

Compared to the equivalent virtual machines, with Secura we’ve seen a 14% increase on the response times.

Eng Wei Chua
Digital Director, Ingelby

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High Performance

Ingelby and their customers now enjoy fast, highly available hosting.

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Cost Savings

With the VPC, pricing is simple and straightforward, and Ingelby will only pay for what they actually need.

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