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Security for Enterprise Study's SaaS Training Application

About Enterprise Study

Founded in 2002, Enterprise Study deliver cloud-based training administration software and learning management systems to help training providers develop, schedule and publish events and content as learning programmes.

With over 17 years’ industry experience and knowledge in developing learning and training systems, Enterprise Study design software that is both highly functional and simple to use. They focus on comprehensively understanding their client’s businesses and their customers; ensuring their training solutions are always tailored to business requirements.

Enterprise Study’s clients span across multiple industries and include instantly recognisable names such as Scottish Power, SSCL, Leeds City College and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, among others.

Enterprise Study’s applications process and hold confidential data such as employee and customer information. Therefore, it was vital that their hosting solution could provide them with the high level of security they required.

In the video case study below, Enterprise Study’s founders, Managing Director, Shona Blackhall, and Technical Director, Steve Hurcombe, explain their decision behind selecting Secura as their hosting provider and talk through the migration process onto the Virtual Private Cloud.

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Shona: Hello, I’m Shona Blackhall. I’m Managing Director of Enterprise Study. Enterprise Study is a software provider. We build software for learning and compliance. The core is being able to provide technology that enables training providers to manage their back-office system, and training departments to manage the skills and training of their workforce.

The customers that we provide to are usually highly regulated industries, so they are being audited. They will be providing those auditors with proof that their workforce is skilled and compliant. So, our system will help them to manage that process.

We’ve got about 500,000 public sector individuals who won’t necessarily know that they are accessing our platform, but they are, and we hold the data about them. So, it’s of utmost importance that the data is secure for those customers and for those individuals. That security was definitely one of the decision factors of when we moved and when we chose our hosting partner.

Steve: I’m Steve Hurcombe, Technical Director and Co-Founder of Enterprise Study. I didn’t want to be kept awake at night worrying whether my server was up and running. I didn’t want to worry about any of the IT or the hardware. I just wanted someone else to organize that for me. Hosting was really important, I mean, we have to trust them. They need to be on the phone when something isn’t working, and they’ve got to answer questions quickly and reliably. I need to have confidence that when I report an issue and I’m sat there waiting for the answer, that I know they’re working on it

So, we’d been with our original provider for quite a number of years. Technology has obviously moved on quite a bit since we first started, and we reached the point where I started to question the price that we were getting and the value we were getting from that provider. We felt we were too small. We weren’t getting the account management and love that we thought we needed. I spoke at length with Ollie and Dan on what they could do for us. The technical solution that they voiced and explained really ticked the boxes for me as well. I got the impression that they really understood what they were selling and what they were doing. And also passionate about what they were doing.

Being in technology, I understand the value of being able to start from scratch when a new technology comes along, and VMware have got some amazing technology. Migration is a very worrying time, as you can imagine, because we don’t want our customers to notice. Secura did a good job of explaining how that would work. We went through it step by step, and it went really smoothly.

Support is really good. You do get to speak to the same people again and again, and they get to know your solution over again. One of the key things that I like is that when something goes wrong that I can pick up the phone and it gets answered, and they don’t go into a queue and that’s what happens.

The experience has been really good. Basically, we haven’t noticed you there and that’s what I want. I want a utility, and you’ve done exactly that. It works. It’s there. It’s reliable… it’s perfect.

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Virtual Private Cloud

The Virtual Private Cloud is inherently scalable and secure by design, providing the perfect foundation to support the development and delivery of even the most complex SaaS applications.


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Enterprise Study’s VPC platform is secure by design and hosted in state-of-the-art, fully accredited data centre facilities.

Software for Training Providers

Through Enterprise Study’s award-winning training and learning development software, businesses can expect improved workflow processes through automation. In turn, this will allow users to track sales performance, optimise delegate attendance and cancellations, as well as maintain management over all levels of the financial process, ultimately improving business efficiency and profitability through a reduction in administrative overheads.

The learning management systems Enterprise Study design include eLearning, delegate video features and webinars to provide a full learning portal and path for their clients’ employees and customers. This portal can also be augmented with Enterprise Study’s Compliance Management Suite, Employee Performance Tool and the Ecommerce Manager to offer a complete suite of development tools, suitable for any requirement.

Specialist SaaS Hosting

Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud is built upon robust infrastructure and delivered from multiple UK-based Tier 3+ data centres with ISO 270001 accreditations. On top on this, Secura are ISO 27001 accredited and our service desk team is also ISO 20000 accredited, providing Enterprise Study with a highly secure environment that they can extend to their customers.

Support was also a crucial factor in Enterprise Study’s decision in selecting a new hosting partner. Secura’s UK-based service desk team pro-actively monitor every customer platform and is available to deal with any issues or requests 24x7x365.

Basically, we haven’t noticed you there and that’s what I want. I want a utility, and you’ve done exactly that.
It works. It’s there. It’s reliable… it’s perfect.

Steve Hurcombe
Technical Director, Enterprise Study

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Smooth Migration

Secura worked with Enterprise Study on a suitable migration plan to accommodate their data requirements and ensure minimum disruption to their customers during migration.

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Support and Understanding

Secura deliver responsive 24x7x365 support and an infrastructure that evolves with Kirona’s requirements.

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Guaranteed Performance

Customer platforms on the Virtual Private cloud is highly available as standard, allowing Enterprise Study to view their hosting as an always on utility.