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CFA Marketing are a full service marketing and communications agency who have won multiple awards and built an enviable reputation for delivering strong ROI on their client projects.

They were looking for a more partnered, consultative approach to their cloud infrastructure, as they felt their incumbent supplier was too distant with a poor understanding of their business.

In the video below, CFA Managing Director, David Ing, talks about some of the challenges they face with hosting, the reasons they made the decision to move and how they found the migration process to Secura.

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Dan Nichols, CTO, Secura: Migration is one of the biggest concerns for any client thinking about changing their hosting provider, so one of the areas that we focus on is sitting down and working through the migration process with clients and giving them the reassurance that we’ve been through it time and time again, we’ve got a very robust process, and also being able to demonstrate that process is reliable, and that we can meet the quite often tight time schedules around migration. David Ing, Managing Director, CFA Marketing: CFA is a full service marketing agency. We offer a number of services including PR, copyrighting, social media, creative, digital, and SEO; continuity is the most important thing for us. Our clients rely on us to ensure that their websites are live. We’ve got a number of clients who’ve got e-commerce sites – if those sites aren’t working, they’re losing revenue, and we work closely with Secura to actually ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum and we are confident in the way that Secura actually put our minds at rest and actually approach the process. Dan Nichols: There are certain decisions that have to be made around the technical side of migration, but these are the sort of decisions that we can guide customers through. Our operations team have been through this process so many times they know it backwards, and it’s an area where we feel that we add a lot of value for clients in that we can routinely deliver a very safe migration from any other provider. David Ing: Our previous supplier didn’t actually invest time and understanding in our business, and we also felt that when we needed to contact them they were too distant. As a business we like to work with suppliers that we would treat as a partner, rather than as a supplier. Secura invested the time to actually understand what we did, and also there’s somebody at the end of the phone when we need to speak to somebody. Also compared to our previous provider, they were much more cost effective. Dan Nichols: We at Secura pride ourselves on delivering fantastic technical service, but also we really put a lot of focus into customer service and managing of client service environments. We hear time and time again that many of the larger providers, in particular, have lost the ability to be responsive to clients’ needs. Clients often come to us complaining about lead times in terms of delivering new services with their existing providers, and this is an area where Secura are absolutely responsive. Clients quite often get services delivered the same day. David Ing: We’re delighted with how the migration process happened. It went very, very smoothly, and, you know, I’ve very hopeful that we’ve got a long future ahead with Secura. Dan Nichols: So to anybody who’s thinking about changing their hosting provider, I’d suggest they pick up the phone and speak to us – find out what it’s like to be a client with Secura.
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CFA Marketing are an award winning, full service marketing agency.

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CFA Marketing’s critical customer applications and services are supported by the Secura Virtual Private Cloud.

Having visited Secura’s data centre and been thoroughly impressed by their professional attitude and approach, the IT management team at CFA decided to host our data at Secura.

While cost-savings were a major driver towards this decision, we also needed to know that the service as well as the technical expertise would all be in place. Since we made the choice to switch provider, Secura has delivered both service and expertise in spades and its support system has been very reliable and helpful.

This included going the extra mile on several occasions in order to help us resolve issues that we had in moving our servers and getting everything back up and working.

Mike Summers Digital Development Manager, CFA Marketing

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Secura worked closely with the team at CFA to deliver a smooth, well planned migration, on time and with minimum disruption to CFA’s day-to-day operations and customers.


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Secura is making CFA significant savings on their monthly hosting bills, compared to their previous provider.

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Secura has taken the time to understand the challenges CFA faces as a business, working in partnership with them to provide the very best solution for their customers.