Secure VM Level Encryption for Windows and Linux

HyTrust DataControl on the Secura Virtual Private Cloud encrypts and protects your business data on a granular, per VM level.

It is designed for both Windows and Linux platforms, and because the encryption can be installed per VM, it is an incredibly flexible, cost-effective way to access robust data protection for your business.

It is simple to install and fully managed by Secura throughout the complete life-cycle of the workload. HyTrust protection can be accessed as a stand alone solution or as part of Secura’s Web Protect advanced online protection service.

HyTrust: Getting Your Data GDPR Ready

GDPR legislation is a huge change for UK businesses, imposing increased data regulation and security standards with the ability to impose heavy fines if your security is not up to standard.

Encrypting your workloads provides an additional layer of defence against malicious activity and represents a large step towards compliance.

As an additional benefit, many regulations, including GDPR, also exempt businesses from reporting a data breach if the data that was stolen, was encrypted.

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Features and Benefits

> Easy Deployment – No Downtime

The Secura service desk team can quickly and easily deploy HyTrust to VMs running in your VPC environments with encryption on the fly, with no disruption.*

> Granular, Cost-Effective Protection

With per VM encryption, you don’t have to pay for protection across your whole environment, only the workloads with sensitive data. Payment is just as flexible, with protection available from Secura at a minimum 30-day commitment.

> Say Goodbye to Premium License Features

HyTrust enables encryption at rest for VM volumes, removing the need to install premium license feature versions of some software, making it an incredibly economical way to secure your data.

> Fully Compliant, Robust Data Protection

HyTrust encryption is fully PCI compliant and certified for VMware vSphere and vSAN encryption.

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Our team are available to discuss data encryption and protection for your business.

Contact us via the form on this page or using the details below and we’ll be happy to talk about your requirements in detail and how our managed DataControl solution can help secure and protect your sensitive and regulated data quickly, simply and cost effectively.

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Download the Data Sheet

Click the link below to download our HyTrust DataControl specification sheet as a PDF.

Get the DataControl data sheet PDF

Technical Specifications

    Granular security for Windows and Linux VMs

  • Boot (OS) and data partition encryption
  • Use individual keys per partition
  • Dynamic partition resizing for Windows/Linux VMs*
  • Protect encrypted workloads against unauthorised access with boot and clone protection
  • *Boot volumes require restart to resize.

    Strong AES (128/256 bit) encryption with Intel hardware acceleration support

  • Supports 3rd party Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for increased key security
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant Level 1 encryption key management (level 2 and 3 with HSM)
  • Zero down-time encryption with automatic re-keying
  • Resilient Key Management Platform

  • High Availability (HA) support with Active-Active cluster (up to 8 KMS servers per cluster)
  • Supports KMIP v1.1 – 1.4 (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) clients
  • Certified for VMware vSphere and vSAN encryption
  • DevOps

  • REST-based API integration