Secure and Protect Critical
Online Applications

Fully Managed, Enterprise Grade Protection
against DDoS, Vulnerability Exploits and Malware

Secura Web Protect

Secure and Protect your Online Business

Secura Web Protect enhances the security of the Virtual Private Cloud with fully managed and monitored services, designed to increase the security, protection and performance of critical online applications.

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS Mitigation

Mitigate the impact of DDoS attacks against your web applications and stay online.

Network Intrusion Prevention

Network Intrusion Prevention

Monitor and protect your network against intrusion in real-time.

Exploit, Virus and Malware Protection

Exploit, Malware & Virus Protection

Protect servers from exploits, malware and viruses that lead to service disruption and data loss.

Global CDN

Protect Data with Powerful Encryption

Encrypt sensitive data at a flexible, granular, virtual machine level.

Web Protect Webinar: Watch Now

To explain Web Protect in greater detail, we hosted a webinar, talking through the full feature set of the solution, the different bundles available and how it offers immediate benefits and protection for any online business.

The Protection You Need

Fully managed and monitored

Web Protect blends together the best network security and web service protection technologies available in a seamless, fully managed service that removes the stress and workload from your team.

Choose the level of protection you need and the Secura team will configure, manage and monitor Web Protect to offer you the assurance that you’re protected online.

Choose your Bundle

Web Protect Foundation


The Foundation bundle offers ideal protection for a single server and domain, without the complication of the more advanced web application firewall and log monitoring features.

Web Protect Express


Express offers more advanced single server, single domain protection and support with additional DDoS mitigation and web application firewall features.

Web Protect Enterprise


The Enterprise bundle builds on Express with the addition of offsite log collection and the ability to protect up to three servers.

Web Protect Custom


A Custom configuration of Web Protect offers all advanced features for as many servers and domains as you need to protect. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Bundle Details

Managed Service





Includes 1 server, 1 domain 1 server, 1 domain 3 servers, 1 domain Custom
DDoS Protection (Basic) X
DDoS Protection (Advanced) X X
DDoS Protection (Advanced Plus) X
Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) X X X X
Web Application Firewall (Basic) X
Web Application Firewall (Advanced) X X
Web Application Firewall (Advanced Plus) X
Secure Offsite Log Repository X X
Active Log Analysis X
Managed Anti-virus/Anti-malware X X X X
Threat Manager (IDS/IPS) X X X X
HyTrust Data Encryption X X X X

Find Out More

For full details on any of the services within Web Protect, contact us.

Our expert team will be more than happy to discuss the protection each service offers and advise on the best fit bundle for your business and requirements.

Cutting Edge

Web Protection Technology

Secura selected the most effective network security, web protection and performance technologies to form Web Protect and offer advanced end-to-end protection against the ever-evolving threats that face online businesses.

Web Protect expertly configures and manages these services to offer the best protection for your business, online.



Web Protection and Performance

Secura have partnered with Cloudflare® to offer their advanced CDN, web and DDoS protection.

Cloudflare® not only protects sites and applications from web and DDoS attacks but also increases performance and resiliency with access to a global CDN network.

Alert Logic Logo

Alert Logic®

Network & Vulnerability Protection

Alert Logic® Threat Manager™ is a cloud-based managed network intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment solution.

It provides comprehensive protection from existing and emerging threats based on insight from thousands of global customers and an extensive IDS signature database.

Enterprise Web Protect bundles also benefit from active log monitoring and analysis of events by Alert Logic® ActiveAnalytics™.



File Security and Anti-Virus

ESET provides file security and anti-virus protection for Windows and Linux servers.

It eliminates all types of threats including viruses, Rootkits, worms and spyware with minimal impact on system performance.

HyTrust DataControl Encryption

HyTrust DataControl

Secure, VM-Level Data Encryption

HyTrust DataControl encrypts and protects your business data on a granular, per virtual machine (VM) level.

Delivered as part of the Web Protect suite, it is an incredibly flexible, cost-effective way to access robust data protection for your business.

For more in-depth information, along with a full technical breakdown, visit our HyTrust DataControl page.

Web Protect


I’m not on the VPC, can I use Web Protect?

No, Web Protect bundles are designed to protect services that are currently running on the Virtual Private Cloud.

To speak to someone about moving to the VPC and taking advantage of Web Protect, contact us.

Can I choose the services in my Web Protect bundle?

We have selected what we believe are the perfect blend of services to protect websites and applications of various levels of traffic and criticality.

If you require a bespoke setup, then we can discuss the right mix of services for your business and price accordingly.

Do I need to make a long-term commitment?

Like all services on the VPC, there is no need to make a long-term commitment, with monthly pricing and 30-day rolling contracts available.

As always, we offer a fair discount on your monthly cost if you can commit to a longer contract.

Why would I need Web Protect when I can sign-up for these services myself?

The security and hosting experts at Secura will fully configure, manage and monitor the services within Web Protect, saving you the time, hassle and administration overhead.

Web Protect also offers a holistic approach to your web security, with expert monitoring and pro-active support from a dedicated, 24 x 7 x 365 service desk team.