Flexible, Secure,
VMware Server Hosting

High performance VMware server hosting with ultimate scalability

The Secura Virtual Private Cloud platform uses enterprise grade VMware vSphere virtualisation to deliver secure, high performance cloud hosting with incredible flexibility and scale.

Guarantee the resource levels your application needs and scale them up and down at any time to meet your requirements. No hidden costs, long contracts or thresholds for support – just pay for what you need and receive expert, 24 / 7 support from our UK based hosting engineers.

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Why Choose Secura for VMware Server Hosting?


Secure by Design

ISO 27001 Accredited Infrastructure and Processes

The Secura Virtual Private Cloud is secure by design and built on enterprise VMware vSphere technology.

Each customer platform benefits from isolated dedicated networks, dedicated virtual firewalls and dedicated virtual machines to ensure complete privacy and separation.

Secura is an ISO 27001 accredited business and our cloud infrastructure and control processes are aligned with the ISO 27018 data privacy code of practice.

Only Pay for What You Need

Scale your resources at any time

You can scale the RAM, CPU and storage associated with your platform at any time to match your requirements and you only ever pay for the resources you need.

Confident Performance

Configure uncontested RAM and storage I/O to run your applications, with resource performance guaranteed and backed by strict SLAs.


Highly Available Infrastructure

Rapid failover and recovery – as standard

The Secura Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure is highly available with no single points of failure.

VMware vSphere adds additional HA capability to virtual machine clusters, with automatic failover in the event any VM within the cluster develops an issue.


UK Based, Tier III + Data Centres

Secure and diversely connected by a 10Gbps network

The Secura VPC is distributed across multiple Tier III + data centre sites and connected by our private 10Gbps network.

Each site is ISO 27001 accredited and has the most rigorous security procedures and processes in place to ensure the complete integrity of our cloud infrastructure and our customer’s data.


Your Always Supported

No thresholds, just expert, round the clock support

We will never impose payment thresholds for support.

Your infrastructure will always be supported 24/7 by our ISO 20000 accredited service desk, by telephone, email and online.

Our commitment to dedicated, responsive support is one of the things our customers love the most about us. If you’d like to speak to some of them for yourself, we’d be more than happy to put you in touch.