Simple, Flexible,
Resource-Based Pricing

Pricing that’s easy to understand and control
and flexes up and down with your requirements

Only Ever Pay for What You Need

With No Nasty Surprises at the End of the Month

Virtual Private Cloud pricing is resource-based, making it incredibly simple and straightforward to align your monthly hosting spend with your revenues and requirements.

You will always have a clear understanding of what you’re paying for, how much each resource costs and what your bill will look like at the end of the month. Say goodbye to nasty surprises.

No Support Thresholds - Ever

Resource-Based Pricing

Keep Cloud Costs in Step with Your Business

The VPC provides compute and storage resource in granular units, so you only ever pay for what you need with no waste and unexpected bills at the end of the month.

Resource pricing is transparent, so you always know how much you are paying for any additional CPU, RAM and storage you require.

No Contract Lock-In

Flexible Contract Terms

No Long-Term Contract Lock-In

The VPC is all about flexibility for our customers - the minimum commitment is just 30 days.

We think you’ll love the VPC and our support, and if you do want a longer term contract with us, we offer a fair discount on our list price in return.

No Support Thresholds

There's No Minimum Spend for Support

We will never impose a minimum spend threshold for support. All customer platforms on the VPC receive 24/7 infrastructure support from our third-line only, service desk team.

Our ISO 20000 accredited service desk team are one of the things our customers love the most about us, and you’ll always have access to them when you need help and assistance.

Bolt-On Services

Bolt-on Services

Add Cost-Effective, Supporting Services

Add managed back-up or disaster recovery to protect your platform, based on clear, per GB protected pricing. You can increase or decrease the amount of data you protect at any time, giving you complete control of your costs.

Bespoke Pricing

Always a Perfect Fit

All pricing on the VPC is bespoke as your monthly pricing depends on the resource requirements of your application and business.

Our technical architects work closely with you to design a solution that gives you what you need, with no waste from over-resourcing.

You’ll then be able to scale up or down as required, with a completely transparent pricing structure and as much help, advice and support as you need to make your platform and commercials a perfect fit for your business.

Below are some example resource levels of real-world platforms hosted on the VPC, the bolt-on services they use, and their monthly pricing.

High Performance SaaS

High Performance SaaS

World Class Customer Experience Apps

A specialist software developer, delivering bespoke customer experience applications via the cloud, to blue-chip clients around the world.

The Solution

Robust, Flexible Infrastructure

Robust and flexible design, development and delivery infrastructure created the perfect platform for the delivery of their applications via the cloud, to customers globally.

Total Price: £2,500 per month

(a saving of £3,500 per month from their previous supplier)

Platform Outline


177.5 GHz




3 Terabytes
(spread across three performance tiers delivering different levels of IOPs)


VPC Compact Edge
Virtual Firewall Appliance


Managed Backup


5 Mbps (unmetered)

The FinTech Firebrand

The Fintech Firebrand

Fresh, Financial Tech

An exciting technology business bringing a fresh perspective to a traditional financial industry.

Supporting hundreds of critical, high value transactions for clients based in financial centres around the world, they needed secure, robust hosting infrastructure.

The Solution

Secure, Round-the-Clock Transactions

A scalable, powerful VPC platform to support the highly secure, transactional application delivered to customers through the cloud.

Dependable performance of the applications is vital and the dynamic CPU levels and plentiful RAM ensure the applications always run optimally.

Total Price: £5000 per month

(a saving of £12,500 per month from their previous supplier)

Platform Outline


250 GHz
(Metered Usage Model)


156 GB RAM
(Metered Usage Model)


3.5 Terabytes
(spread across two performance tiers delivering different levels of IOPs)


Juniper vSRX
Firewall Appliance with IPS


Managed Backup & OS Management
(10 x OS under management)


10 Mbps (unmetered)
burstable to 200Mbps


Windows Server Standard OS x10, SQL Server Standard x 4

The FinTech Firebrand

The B2B Powerhouse

Market-leading, Global SaaS Solutions

The developer of an extensive suite of sector leading B2B applications, with a global market.

Their applications are central to the smooth operation of their customers' businesses and process transactions worth billions of pounds of annually.

The Solution

An extensive development and delivery infrastructure to support their suite of industry applications, with varying resource requirements.

Robust design and generous resource allocations ensure reliable performance and availability, with disaster recovery to protect application data and ensure rapid recovery in the event of issues.

Total Price: £20,000 per month

Platform Outline


750 GHz


890 GB RAM
(Metered Usage Model)


18.5 Terabytes
(spread across multiple performance tiers delivering different levels of IOPs)


2 x Clustered Juniper vSRX
Firewall Appliances with IPS


Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery


100 Mbps (unmetered)
burstable to 1Gbps


Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS x 2 Microsoft Windows Server Standard OS x 45