Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

Hosting for the Modern Enterprise

Secura Virtual Private Cloud hosting is designed to offer the kind of scalability, security and commercial flexibility that modern businesses need to support their applications, services and customers.

Guaranteed Cloud Performance

Granular Scalability

Easily Shape Your Cloud

Your Virtual Private Cloud hosting resources can be scaled with just a few mouse clicks.

Add additional cloud resources to quickly shape your cloud platform around your businesses changing requirements.

Resource Based Pricing - Only Pay for What You Need

Pay For What You Need

And Nothing Else

With Virtual Private Cloud hosting you only ever pay for the resources you actually need. This means it's really easy to keep your cloud computing cost in-line with your revenue.

Pricing is clear, concise and transparent, with regular updates and reporting so you always know exactly where you stand. Say goodbye to nasty surprises at the end of the month.

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Guaranteed Performance

Say Goodbye to Noisy Neighbours

Your resource performance on the Virtual Private Cloud is guaranteed, uncontended and backed by strict SLAs.

You always get the RAM and I/O performance you need to run your website and software applications - with no impact from ‘noisy neighbours’.

Highly Available and Secure by Design

Highly Available

Secure by Design

We take service availability and security seriously. The Virtual Private Cloud platform, data centres and network infrastructure are all highly available, with no single points of failure.

The VPC is secure by design and Secura and all our data centre partners are fully ISO 27001 accredited.

Advanced online security and protection is also available to customer platforms (no matter how big or small) on the VPC via our Web Protect solution.

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Business Friendly Tech, Terms and Support

We're With You As You Grow

The flexible, scalable features and benefits of Virtual Private Cloud hosting does not stop at the technology.

Our service and commercial terms are designed to give companies the freedom and confidence to concentrate on what they do best, safe in the knowledge their hosting will support them every step of the way.

The web never sleeps and neither does our support. You can access our UK-based support 24x7x365 - they're only a phone call or email away when you need them most.

We'll Take You For a Spin

If you would like to find out more about Virtual Private Cloud hosting, we’d be happy to show you the platform, answer your questions and provide a comparison quote.

Complete the form to the right and we’ll arrange a convenient time for one of our engineers to give you a live tour.

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Virtual Private Cloud Hosting


How is the VPC different from a private cloud?

The VPC is a multi-tenant environment and we use the latest VMware technology and some clever design to segregate each customer platform and the resources assigned to it.

This means we can leverage the advantages of shared resources to deliver the incredible scalability and compelling price point of the platform.

Can I scale my resources during busy periods or for a specific project?

The VPC is all about flexibility and scaling your resources up and down to meet the needs of new projects, customers, promotions or seasonal variations is simple and straightforward. You only ever pay for the additional resources you need and you can scale back quickly when you need to.

If I ever want to switch providers - will it be difficult?

Moving your platform to another provider should you choose to do so is not a problem - and our support team will be on hand to help facilitate the move and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Do I need to make a long-term commitment?

The minimum contract length on the VPC is 30 days, so there is no need for a long commitment. We think you’ll love the solution and support and if you do want to commit to a longer-term contract with us, we offer a fair discount on our list price in return.

Is the platform secure?

The Virtual Private Cloud is secure by design and built in-line with security best practice reference architecture. The VPC platform is hosted across multiple ISO 27001 accredited UK data centre locations, with the very latest security processes and procedures in place. Secura's own information security management process are also fully ISO 27001 accredited.

What is Virtual Private Cloud Hosting?

If you are unfamiliar with virtual private cloud technology, and how it differs from a private or public cloud solution, then we've got you covered. Read our in-depth article on the history, development and technological advances behind VPC hosting: What is Virtual Private Cloud Hosting?