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Secura offer a range of cloud services and solutions that can add real value and flexibility to your business.

Our cloud solutions are secure, scalable and designed to keep online businesses, online.

If you're unsure which cloud solution will work best for your requirement, no problem - get in touch and we'll talk you through all your options.

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Secura’s cloud solutions are designed to keep online business, online, backed by responsive service and support to give you the confidence to focus on running your business, not your cloud infrastructure.

Our Virtual Private Cloud offers an ultimately scalable, flexible and secure way to host your software apps or e-commerce website. Our private cloud platforms offer you a stand-alone infrastructure solely for your organisation.

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud

Secure private cloud infrastructure with total flexibility.

Provision services rapidly and scale resources at any time depending on your requirements, only paying for what you need. Guaranteed performance levels and strict SLAs offer total peace of mind.

Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting

Air-gapped cloud infrastructure built around your exact requirements.

Secure, robust infrastructure with complete control right down to the hardware layer. A private cloud platform from Secura can create the ideal infrastructure foundation for your business.


We offer robust, secure and cost-efficient cloud back-up and disaster recovery services. Add to your existing infrastructure or bolt-on to your Secura platform. Protect your platform from the growing threat of cyber-crime with our suite of advanced cloud security solutions.

Backup as a Service

Backup as
a Service

A robust, rapid solution built on best-of-breed infrastructure and designed to deliver complete reliability and resilience.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery
as a Service

Transparent resource-based pricing structures make Secura disaster recovery accessible to all business sizes.

Advanced Cloud Security

Advanced Cloud

Best-in-class cloud security solutions, expertly configured and managed by Secura to protect your online presence.