Cloud Server Hosting

Flexible and Secure Cloud Server Hosting

Secura specialise in supporting critical applications and services with flexible, secure and highly available cloud server hosting.

Our cloud solutions are designed to deliver the kind of scalability, security and commercial flexibility that modern businesses need to grow quickly, without restrictions and restraints.

You can scale your resources up and down to meet the needs of new projects, customers, promotions or seasonal variations – it’s simple and straightforward.

Secure by Design

The Secura Virtual Private Cloud is secure by design, built in-line with security best practice reference architecture and hosted across multiple UK Tier 3 data centre sites.

Secura and all our data centre providers are ISO 270001 accredited and our infrastructure and control processes are aligned with the ISO 27018 data privacy code of practice.

Secura also offers bolt-on online protection via our Web Protect suite, bringing together the world’s leading security solutions to protect and mitigate against today’s online threats.

Highly Available

Secura’s Cloud Server Hosting is highly available as standard and built on infrastructure with no single points of failure, keeping you online around the clock.

Resource performance is guaranteed, uncontended and backed by strict SLAs, meaning you always get the performance you need to run your applications and services, with no impact from ‘noisy neighbours’.

Resource-Based Pricing

With Secura Cloud Server Hosting, you only ever pay for the resources you need, making it easy to keep your cloud costs in-line with your revenues.

Our pricing is clear, concise and transparent and we provide regular updates. Say goodbye to nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Support Comes First

Our hosting engineer support team is based in the UK and available 24x7x365 to offer their technical expertise when you need it most.

Our team have the technical expertise and know-how, with a friendly and positive approach to service and support.

If you’d like to speak to the team about our Cloud Server Hosting, or would like a comparison quote, get in touch using the form above.

A Customer’s View On Our Hosting

Find out what a customer thinks about hosting on our virtual private cloud and the support and advice they receive from Secura.

Richard Dunn, the IT Manager at Causeway, talks about his experience with Secura and how the technology and support underpins the expansion of Causeway’s software for the built environment.

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You can trial our VPC hosting free for 14 days to assess its capabilities and suitability to support your applications and services, with no obligation.

To request a free 14-day trial, simply complete the form and we’ll contact you to set it up around your exact specifications.

Or give us a call on 0207 1832540 to talk us through your list of requirements.

Hosting by Recognised VMware Experts

Secura is a VMware Enterprise Service Provider level partner, so have the experience and skills in-house to build, deliver and support VMware hosting projects of all sizes.

We were nominated for the VMware Rising Star Award in 2017.

Secura are VMware Hybrid Cloud Accredited
Secura are VMware IaaS Accredited