Tips To Avoid Phishing Scams

By Matthew Reeve on Wednesday, May, 8th, 2019 in News.

Essentially, phishing is a deceptive method used by cybercriminals to attempt to trick you into revealing your personal information to them. It’s hugely popular amongst hackers because masquerading as trustworthy sources to obtain sensitive information is much easier than attempting to break in and steal it themselves.

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A Practical Guide To Protecting Business Data In The Cloud

By Matthew Reeve on Thursday, April, 11th, 2019 in Industry Insight , News.

At the recent B2B Marketing Expo, Secura’s Head of Pre-sales Anthony Doncaster, delivered a seminar designed to help businesses take simple, practical steps to make their data secure in the cloud. In this post, you can watch a full video of ‘A Practical Guide To Protecting Business Data In The Cloud’. Enjoy!

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