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Deconstructing Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud

By Matthew Reeve on Monday, July, 8th, 2019 in Industry Insight.

As you might expect, many common cloud computing components are also found in our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), but there are also some more defining features that make Secura’s VPC especially scalable, reliable and secure. Let’s explore them in some more detail.

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Components Of The Cloud Architecture

By Matthew Reeve on Monday, June, 24th, 2019 in Industry Insight.

In defining the cloud, instead of describing its complex working mechanisms, we often opt to highlight the services and benefits it can provide. There are many components operating behind the scenes to make up a cloud platform, all working interdependently to create an accessible network. So, let’s break it all down.

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The Cost Savings Of Cloud Computing

By Matthew Reeve on Monday, June, 17th, 2019 in Industry Insight.

Cloud computing can offer businesses and individuals so much more than their current IT solutions. In this post, we will be focusing specifically on the cost efficiency the cloud can bring and subsequent savings for those who make the transition.

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The Road To Virtualisation

By Matthew Reeve on Monday, June, 10th, 2019 in Industry Insight.

Many of us unwittingly depend on cloud services every day, from Dropbox to Gmail to Netflix. Cloud computing is seemingly a 21st century revelation, having emerged not long after the turn of the new millennium. But its initial foundations are rooted far further back.

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Security Considerations For Working Remotely

By Matthew Reeve on Monday, June, 3rd, 2019 in Industry Insight.

Cloud computing has transformed the way we work. Any location can become the office; airports and train stations, restaurants and cafes, it really doesn’t matter as long as an internet connection is available. However, remote access comes with its own set of security challenges that you should be aware of.

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