Cyber Security: A Guide To Malware

By Matthew Reeve on Monday, September, 9th, 2019 in News.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the common types of malware, the similarities and differences between them, infamous cases throughout the years that have made headline news, and Secura’s Web Protect security solution.

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Planning A Multi-Layered Cyber Security Strategy

By Matthew Reeve on Monday, September, 2nd, 2019 in News.

To avoid falling victim to hackers, businesses must start strategising a multi-layered cyber security defence. But what should this look like? In this blog post, we will explore some good options in creating a layered security defence that could work for your business.

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The Secura Partner Programme

By Matthew Reeve on Thursday, August, 15th, 2019 in News.

The Secura Partner Programme is a straight forward and simple way to refer your customers to our hosting solutions and be fairly rewarded for doing so. With our Partner Programme, you’ll know first-hand that your customers will only be receiving the highest quality of hosting solutions.

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Encryption: An Essential Cybersecurity Defence

By Matthew Reeve on Wednesday, August, 7th, 2019 in News.

In this blog post we’ll look at some recent newsworthy data hacks, the introduction of the GDPR, how encryption works to protect your data, and the Secura Web Protect offering that includes encryption protection.

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