Making a recommendation to a friend or business contact is a big deal.

In recognition of this, we've created a rewards programme as a way of saying 'thank you' for any referrals you send to us.

If you know someone who would benefit from a Secura service, then please send us details. If your referral results in a new contract with Secura, we will reward you both.

How it Works

If you have a referral, you can contact us on 0207 1832540 or by email at [email protected] with the details.

If your referral results in a new customer taking services from Secura you receive a reward based on the number of previous referrals you have made to us. Your referral will also receive the first month of their service free of charge.

When You Make a Successful Referral:


Receive a reward based on the
number of referrals you have made

Your Referral

Receives the first month
of their service free

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The Rewards

You may over time, know more than one person who would benefit from Secura services. We recognise multiple referrals with better rewards as a thank you for your continued support.

Submit your first successful referral and you'll receive an iPad Mini 4, with your rewards growing with each new referral. If you are unable to accept referral rewards personally (or on behalf of your company), we can provide a donation of the same value to a charity of your choice.

Referral Total


1 Successful Referral

iPad Mini 4

iPad Mini 4
64GB WIFI Donation

3 Successful Referrals

iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2
64GB WIFI Donation

5 Successful Referrals


Macbook Pro
256GB Donation

10 Successful Referrals


27inch iMac
with 5K retina display Donation

Submit a Referral

If you have a referral to submit, you can use the form below, call us on 0207 1832540 or email us at

  • Your Details

  • The Referral

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OK, So What Next?

When you have submitted your referral, one of the Secura team will contact you to confirm the details.

After this, we’ll record the referral against your name in our CRM and make contact using the details you have provided.

Keeping You Posted

We will keep you updated on the referral as things progress with our sales and technical teams.

If the referral is successful, we will let you know immediately.

Then, depending on your current referral number, we will arrange the delivery of your reward or make payment to the registered charity of your choice.

Your referral (the new Secura customer), will also receive the first month of their service for free.

That’s high fives all round!

Contact Us

0207 1832540

The Terms

Like any loyalty or referral programme, the Secura Customer Referral Programme is governed by the terms and conditions listed below. A hardcopy version is available on request and we'll be more than happy to discuss them with you if you require any clarification.

1. A referral opportunity must be worth a minimum of £300 per month to qualify
As soon as a member of the Secura team has assessed your referral, they will let you know if it meets the qualification amount as a priority.

2. A successful referral opportunity must sign a minimum 24 month contract to qualify
This is the minimum contract length for a referral to qualify under the rewards programme. If your referral opportunity does not meet this criteria, a member of the Secura team will communicate this to you as a priority.

3. To qualify, the referral opportunity must be for a Secura cloud service
The opportunity must be for a Secura virtual private cloud solution, private cloud or one of our additional cloud services like disaster recovery or backup. Referrals for supporting services, like internet connectivity for example, would not qualify. We'll let you know if your referral does not qualify for this reason but if you're unsure, then please get in touch.

4. Referrals are recorded against individual referrers - not your company
This means that multiple people within a company can take part in the referral programme and access their own rewards.

5. A referral must be unique and not already be present on the Secura CRM
We operate a first come, first served policy for referrals. If someone has already registered the same company with us, then it cannot be entered again.

6. Multiple opportunties from the same company will not be treated separately
If a company referred to us has multiple opportunities, they are not counted as separate referrals. Only first qualifying opportunity that signs will be counted within the scheme.

7. Your referral total will only expire if you are no longer a customer of Secura
While you are a customer of Secura, you can continue to build your referral total and access more rewards without worrying that your total will expire after a certain amount of time.

8. We are unable to accept historical referrals as part of the programme
Any referrals received before the official commencement of the customer referral programme will not qualify for rewards. Only referrals received after the 18/09/2015 will count.

9. Referrals cannot qualify under both the customer and partner referral programmes
You may be both a Secura customer and partner, and as such can make referrals to us through the customer referral programme and the partner programme. As a general guide, the customer programme allows individuals to make referrals to us and the partner programme is for an organisational referral. Referrals can only be counted once and they only qualify for the benefits associated with the programme that they are submitted through.

10. Secura reserve the right to change, modify, suspend, or discontinue any portion of these terms
We may need to alter the terms and structure of the referral scheme from time to time and update the rewards.