The Virtual Private Cloud

Cloud Hosting with Enterprise Flexibility

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Scale your cloud resources quickly and simply at any time to match your changing plans and requirements.

Resource Based Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Only pay for the cloud resources your application needs, making it a breeze to align your hosting expenditure with your revenues.

Resilient and Secure

Resilient and Secure

The VPC is highly available, with no single points of failure throughout the data centre infrastructure and network.

Customer Success

On the Virtual Private Cloud

For our customers, poor performance and unreliability are simply not options. The Virtual Private Cloud underpins critical websites and applications that support tens of thousands of users, with billions of pounds worth of transactions processed through the platform annually.

Secura Managed Azure

Azure Management

Design, Security, Management and Strategy

Secura’s expert and qualified team can help you maximise the benefits of Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, building and managing secure infrastructure that helps to deliver your hosting objectives.

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Secura Web Protect

Advanced Online Security

We work with industry leading cloud security providers and web service protection technologies to provide our customers with Web Protect, an advanced online security suite that offers protection and mitigation against DDoS, vulnerability exploits and malware.

Secura Web Protect enhances the security of the Virtual Private Cloud and Azure managed platforms with fully managed and monitored services, designed to increase the security, protection and performance of an online application.

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